By Kelly Combot, Commercial Estimator, Marketing Manager

As the leaves begin to change and fall, you may start to inquire about commercial snow removal services for your commercial lot, walkway, and steps, but you’d be skipping a whole step if snow removal is your first priority.

It’s just as important to prepare your lot and sidewalk for the cold weather and snow as it is to maintain it once the white stuff starts coming down. Here’s how to get your property ready for winter.

Repairing damaged asphalt pavement

By Kelly Combot, Commercial Estimator, Marketing Manager

We’ve all seen parking lots around Winnipeg with crumbling edges, potholes, and cracks, but it’s even worse when that commercial parking lot is your very own. Your customers get annoyed and may just avoid your lot until it’s fixed.

Unsure of the scope of work involved with fixing your asphalt paving or concrete parking lot? Here’s how Superior Asphalt can get your lot back to tip-top shape so that it’s smooth sailing for both your customers’ cars and your business.

Asphalt paving with a pothole filled with water

By Kelly Combot, Commercial Estimator, Marketing Manager

The pothole: nature’s way of bullying the struts on your car until you end up giving a mechanic all your lunch money (and then some). They seem to crop up every year, especially on Winnipeg streets, and second only to the mosquito, they just might be the worst pest in the city. But why do they happen and how are they even fixed?

Here’s how paving companies like Superior Asphalt battle “the Devil’s divots.”

An asphalt roadway with a concrete sidewalk and wall

By Kelly Combot, Commercial Estimator, Marketing Manager

Most people probably don’t give the difference between asphalt, cement, and concrete a second thought — they’re all the same, right? That being said, you may have certain associations with each word: asphalt may conjure up images of highways; concrete may make you think of parking garages; and cement might mean sidewalks to you.

Why you should use asphalt instead of concrete for your parking lot

By Kelly Combot, Commercial Estimator, Marketing Manager

Asphalt. Bitumen. It’s a wondrous petroleum product that has a multitude of uses, but you probably know it best as roads, parking lots, walkways, and other pavement.

Though concrete was once the material of choice for many applications, asphalt has taken over as the preferred choice — here’s why.