The first thing that a customer or potential customer sees when they visit your property is the parking lot. Having a clean lot that is free from mud and debris will be a warm welcome.

Superior Asphalt Paving Co. Ltd. performs power sweeping for commercial, industrial and institutional properties such as condos, apartments, factories, malls, offices, grocery stores, and more. Our parking lot sweeping operations run during the day (usually for condos/apartments when tenants are not home) and night to accommodate your business’ hours of operations. During all of our parking lot sweeping, we follow the City of Winnipeg noise by-laws.

Our industrial-grade power sweepers can clean asphalt and concrete surfaces of all sand and debris that has accumulated over time. After a Winnipeg winter, parking lots can be quite messy from sanding and salting slippery surfaces and vehicles tracking in dirt and sand from outside the property. Because of this, power parking lot sweeping is typically done is the spring or early summer, after all the snow has melted. Also included in all of Superior Asphalt’s lot sweeping is the hauling of all the swept-up debris – we do not pile the sweepings on your property.

In Winnipeg, it is good practice to power sweep your parking lot at least once per year. Not only will this improve the look of your parking lot, but it will also help achieve proper drainage, as there will be no debris in the way to impede the flow of water to the drain/catch basin. Power sweeping your parking lot will also benefit your business by helping to eliminate sand, mud, and other debris from being tracked into the building from the lot, leading to a cleaner workplace and reduced interior cleaning costs. The lifespan of your parking lines will be increased because there will be less grit present to rub the paint off.

For a fully rejuvenated parking lot, we can also seal cracks, apply a seal coating, and paint fresh lines.


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