The Superior Asphalt team installs a new sidewalk in Winnipeg

"Very pleased with every aspect of this job and your company's actions. The crew was excellent! Discussed the job with me and incorporated my ideas and wishes. EXCELLENT JOB!"

At Superior Asphalt Paving Co., we are your year round parking lot experts. In the winter months we perform snow removal and hauling, lot sanding, and sand and granite barrel delivery. Once the snow melts we offer a spring clean up with power sweeping of the parking lot and repainting of parking lines, if required. During the warmer months we can advise on any repairs or projects needed. Proud members of BOMA and PPMA!

  • Emergency trip hazard repairs
  • Assess parking lot and roadways for maintenance based on:
    • Immediate repairs required (trip hazards, potholes, sinkholes, etc.)
    • Catch basin repairs and drainage issues
    • Need for crack sealing and asphalt seal coating
  • Walkway installation and repair
  • Budget pricing for yearly projects (1 to 5 years)
  • Spring clean up (power sweeping and line painting)
  • Snow removal and hauling
  • Parking lot sanding
  • Granite and Sand/Salt barrel delivery
  • Environmentally friendly de-icer delivery
  • Spring clean up (power sweeping and line painting)
A commercial parking lot paved by Superior Asphalt in Winnipeg

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